Rossmoor Massage and Bodywork Club

Promoting massage and bodywork in Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, CA


Proposal To Practice at Rossmoor Fitness Center

We are proposing that Rossmoor provide massage & bodywork at their fitness center. The idea is to allow resident to book the room and use a therapist of their choice. This will give them access to a wide variety of choices. At this point we are not proposing any room rental fees for either the resident or practitioner. Payment for service is between you and the client.

We will provide an ADA compliant electric table, you provide linins and whatever else you need. This will be a fragrance free room because some people have chemical sensitive. No aroma therapy or sented oils or lotions.

Therapists will have to comply with Walnut Creek and California regulations. Either have  Walnut Creek massage permit or a California CAMTC certification.

They will have to have a Walnut Creek Business license.

If you do not have a California Heath Freedom Act Business and Professions Code sections 2053.5-2053.6 disclosure we will help you put one together.

You will also need $1,000,000 in general and profession liability insurance and add GRF as an additional insured.

You will have to sign a contract confirming your relationship with GRF (Rossmoor Golden Rain Foundation)

We will post your credentials, fees and a description of your work.

If you are interested, contact Carl Brown - 287-9993