Rossmoor Massage and Bodywork Club

Promoting massage and bodywork in Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, CA


Rossmoor Massage and Bodywork Club News

07/01/11 Summer meetings canceled.

Because of the poor turnout at the June meeting we have canceled the Summer meetings.  The Next meeting will be September 17.

05/21/11 Health & Wellness Fair. No club meeting.

We are not having a May meeting because it is at the same time as the Health & Fitness (Wellness) Fair.  The fair usually has bodyworkers giving free sessions so it us unlikely that we will get any new members and our existing members may want to go to the fair instead.  Instead the club is sponsoring the fair.  Part of the changes we are making is to move the massage and bodywork vendors inside and giving them a better configuration.

04/18/11 The fourth club meeting.

We are adding descriptions of the practitioners with the signup sheets.   Because this description will indicate if the practitioner is in the club voluntary registry we will no longer be limiting practitioners from putting out their cards to only those in the registry.  There are forms of bodywork that do not require licensing and we are leaving the decision of who to use for outside sessions to the members.  Because the club sessions are free they are not subject to Walnut Creek regulations.  

03/19/11 The third club meeting.

We changed the guest dues to $5.00.  Residents might as well join.  We will also gave out numbered name badges and let people sign up for sessions in the order that they checked in to the meeting.  This seemed to work well.  We also had a bell to signal the end of the sessions so people knew when they were next.  We now have 46 paid members.

The next event will be April 16 at 12:00 Noon.  The following meetings will be Jun 18, Jul 16, Aug 20, Sept 17, Oct 15 & Nov 19.

We are not having a May meeting because it is at the same time as the Health & Fitness (Wellness) Fair.  The fair usually has bodyworkers giving free sessions so it us unlikely that we will get any new members and our existing members may want to go to the fair instead.  

02/19/11 The second club meeting.

We are limiting people to sign up for one practitioner at a time.  The club is growing.  We now have 34 paid members.

01/22/11 The Club is formed.

We had a very successful event.  The bylaws were adopted as posted.  It was confirmed that the session at club meeting will be free.  We will have a combination of professionals and amateur residents offering sessions but starting in February on professional registered with the club will be able to put out business cards and literature.   We are fortunate to have Carl Brown Volunteer as president, Joanne Raymond as treasurer and Barbara Leonard as secretary.  We collected dues and will soon open the club bank account.  

The next event will be February 19 at 12:00 Noon and subsequent meetings will be on the third Saturday of the month.

12/29/10 New Massage Club

This club is being formed so that Rossmoor residents can learn more about the various types of massage and bodywork (other forms of hands on and energy therapies) and try out different practitioners who work in Rossmoor and the neighboring area. The club is also planning on serving the community by making these services available to residents on fixed income as well as an online database of credentials of practitioners who work in Rossmoor. The Rossmoor Massage and Bodywork Club will hold its first official meeting On January 22 at 12:00 noon in the Shasta Room (Del Valle Clubhouse, upstairs). The club is open to all residents and annual dues are $5. There will be a short meeting to elect officers and discuss a couple of policy issues. After the meeting several practitioners will offer free mini-sessions so that you will get a sample of the type of work they do. The room will be open to residents after the meeting if you just want to try one or two sessions. The non-member fee is $2 per meeting. Non-resident guests must pay the non-member fee and be accompanied by a club member.

12/23/10 Club Approval

The Rossmoor Massage and Bodywork Club was approved by the Rossmoor Recreation Department to join the Activities Council and become an official Rossmoor organization.

12/14/10 Forming Club

The fair was successful and together with others who previously wanted to join we have the requisite 20 members to start the club. 

11/30/10 Massage and Bodywork Fair

This fair is designed to learn more about different types of massage and bodywork. Bodywork is a general term for various types of physical or energetic therapies including massage. Attendees can have one or more mini sessions to experience different styles from different practitioners. The fair will be preceded by a planning session to set up a massage and bodywork club to focus of the bodywork needs of Rossmoor residents. Memberships will be restricted to residents to keep the club consumer oriented. Current plans include making bodywork available to people with fixed incomes and helping residents find the right style and practitioner to meet their current needs.