Rossmoor Massage and Bodywork Club

Promoting massage and bodywork in Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, CA


Rossmoor Massage and Bodywork Club Home Page

The club has not renewed for 2017 and this website will not be renewed.

Bodywork is a general term for a wide variety of hands on therapies including massage.  This include various forms of hands on manipulative therapies as well as energy work.  Massage and bodywork is the primary form of complementary and alternative healthcare in this country.  

This club is for people interested in learning, experiencing, and promoting massage and bodywork in Rossmoor.  

Today most residents either have therapists come to their homes or have to find facilities outside of Rossmoor.  Finding the right therapist for your needs is very difficult because each works differently with different people and for different problems.  At times you may need the services of different therapists to fix a specific problem.  Much like medical specialists, bodyworkers have different talents and skills and to make things even more confusing the best therapists often take training from different sources and combine them into a personalized form of therapy.  This is why it is best to actually experience the individual practitioner's work to see who is best for you are your current issues.

The club promotes bodywork and massage in the following ways:

Annual dues are $5.  Members may bring guests.  Non-member residents and guests can pay $5 at the door.  Monthly meetings are on on the Third Saturday of the month (except December) at 1:30 in the Las Trampas room at the Hillside Clubhouse.

We will invite different outside therapists each month and rotate therapist so that members can try different types of therapy each month. On months that we do not have outside therapist we offer a walk in clinic.

The club sponsors the Unofficial Rossmoor Clubs website.